26th-28th  2022

August Test

          Here we are again folks! We are having our August test at Larry and Nancy Mason's property in Silver Creek, Wa.

           General House keeping is simple, treat the grounds with respect and leave it better than you found it. Dry camping is allowed on the test grounds. There will be a designated area to air your dogs (on-lead). Any dog being ran without a lead or means of control will be warned once then dismissed from the grounds if not obeyed. We expect all dogs to be at the test ready to run their dogs by 7AM each day. Bring a jacket and boots and water for your dogs. Handlers and spectators are encouraged to bring a lunch and snacks for the day as we will not be providing lunches or snacks.

Test Is Full

              All spots are filled on first come first serve and your spot is not secured until a completed Entry Form and payment is received. 

          Our Test Secretary is Beth Sanders. Any entries are to be Emailed to her and any checks sent to the treasure.


See our Test Policy for cancelations and refunds

Test Fees
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